Event and Project Management

From cultural encounters to awareness-raising campaigns, I have organised hundreds of events in the framework of numerous international projects and assignments in these past 15 years. I have worked with different EU funds (including Horizon2020, Life, Interreg, Creative Europe, Erasmus+, COSME, Europe for Citizens), but also with other donors (Council of Europe, Member States, political foundations) and have managed a variety of capacity-building and sustainable development projects in Europe and its Neighbourhood (Balkans, Southern Caucaus) as well as Latin America.

I know what it takes to make your event or project a success by thinking out-of-the box, surprising the audience and involving a broad network of partners and multipliers.

Recent events include:

  • The organisation of a webinar and a final conference for the Life Albufera project (2015 – 2017), recognised by the European Commission as one of the flagship Life projects in this programming period
  • Organisation of a series of cultural events linked to Europe and citizens’ participation in Valencia
  • Organisation of three dissemination events in the framework of the Agropol project on cross-border cooperation in food and agriculture for DG AGRI, European Commission
  • Promotion of the 2016 IETM meeting in Valencia
  • Spanish Ambassador of the European Association of Local Democracy (ALDA)
  • Development of a Creative Europe project for Teatro Inestable and the network of alternative theatres in Spain
  • Strategic advice and fundraising for ARTPORT_making waves, artistic and cultural projects to raise awareness on climate change
  • Fundraising and project development for various socio-cultural projects for Kulturkonzepte in Germany and a French-German theatre production
Video Production